Welcome to Clever! - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Grenier
Cynthia Miller
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining us. We’re excited to tell you more about Clever today :-)
Lauren (Clever)
As Lexi mentioned, while we’ll be posting some helpful links in the chat, we will not be monitoring it for questions. Please be sure to post your questions in the Q&A console NOT this chat. We’ll be getting you written answers in real time and also answering several live at the end of the webinar. If we don’t get to your question, we’ll follow up with you after the webinar!
Lauren (Clever)
Hi everyone, as a reminder, please post your questions in the Q&A not this chat. We’ll get you an answer once you post in the Q&A!
Cynthia Miller
Can you confirm Rediker SIS is partnered
Nick (Clever)
If you use one of these SISes (Aeries, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, and Skyward), your immediate next step is to create a Clever, read-only account in your SIS. Here’s the article with SIS-specific instructions for you to use to set up your sync: https://support.clever.com/hc/en-us/sections/200419883-Auto-Sync-Resources
Nick (Clever)
You can reference our full list of SIS-managed auto syncs and instructions for setting up your sync with this sync type in this Help Center article: https://support.clever.com/hc/en-us/articles/202289278-Which-sync-type-should-I-choose-#h_ffd3801c-0e03-434c-b402-2b181cc1923b
Nick (Clever)
If you need to upload your data via SFTP files, we can support that too! You see instructions for how to do that in this article: https://support.clever.com/hc/en-us/articles/205783078
Nick (Clever)
If your application is labeled “SSO (Saved Passwords)”, you can still have access to Clever’s single sign-on capabilities by installing and pushing out the Clever browser extension to all devices. We have a complete guide on how to set up these applications via our Help Center, which we will drop in the chat now: https://support.clever.com/hc/s/articles/234746488?language=en_US
Nick (Clever)
Please let us know if you are planning to use Clever’s single sign-on Portal and classroom management tools. You can do this by clicking this link: https://schools.clever.com/portal-commit/yes. By letting us know, we will send you helpful resources for rolling out your portal, such as instructions for teachers on how to log in.
Nick (Clever)
Sorry, realized this link didn’t get sent out to everyone, so reposting for reference. Clever is the safest and fastest way for districts to securely send vendors data and grant access to learning applications. We are FERPA and COPPA compliant and also compliant with all national and state laws for data privacy Here’s the link to our trust center where you can see all of the documentation outlining this! https://clever.com/trust.
Hiedi Carpenter
Hello! Is there a support number to contact a person for Sync help? It is very difficult to coordinate SIS support, and sometimes I just need to speak to someone. Thanks!
Hiedi Carpenter
Support.clever.com... that answered my question! Thanks
Hiedi Carpenter
Actually.... how do you open a ticket????
Nick (Clever)
Please use the Q&A box for questions
Lauren (Clever)
Here’s the teacher training resources! clvr.in/clever-training-options